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Fausto Intilla (february 6 1972), inventor and scientific divulgator,is the creator of: “Principle of Quantum Compensation of Subconscious Nucleuses”.His research on subconscious nucleuses and the experiments proposed by him for the verification of such Principle, have been taken into consideration by several research groups in both Europe and the United States; One of these is the renowned P.E.A.R. laboratory (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research) situated in New Jersey, USA. In the field of inventions, however, his name is linked to the “Tree Structure”,one of the most popular anti-seismic structures for bridges and viaducts patented in Japan and in the United States.

Essential WorksEdit

  • ”Dio=mc2”,scientific essay published in Italy by "Lampi di Stampa",Milan.
  • ”La funzione d’onda della Realtà”,scientific essay published in Italy by "Lampi di Stampa",Milan.

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